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How to buy the cheapest k cups that don’t taste like you’re just brewing dirt

SO you want to buy your coffee cheaply? Who doesn’t? And certainly, buying K-Cups (the Kuerig coffee pod system’s coffee pods, for those not in the know) can be horrendously expensive, particularly if you’re buying straight from the manufacturer. After being ripped off for $1 or more per pod, buying the cheapest k cups you can seems like a good idea.

However, it’s all too easy to end up buying horrible discount pods from no-name suppliers, too, as many online guides will recommend. We didn’t want to go that way.

Overall, the cheapest price for any K-Cup on the ‘net is about $.37 a cup - however, the quality you’ll get for that price is nothing short of shocking, and not in a good way.

So, here’s a quick guide to the best K-Cups money can buy, collated from the hundreds and hundreds of reviews on (which is a fantastic resource, by the way):

(If you’re considering a K-Cup machine, you might be interested in our article on whether single-serve coffee machines are worth it at all before you buy)

  • Van Houtte Eclipse Extra Bold: Virtually no-one dislikes this dark, strong, smooth coffee, although if you like your coffee very mild it may not be to your taste. It’s scarcely cheaper to buy on Ebay than it is from the official site, which does indeed offer pretty excellent value: $.65 per cup for 24 cups, a very good price for a small order. If you wanted to get a bigger order, Amazon’s your best bet, offering 108 of the same K-Cups for $.55 each - worth it if you’re sold on this coffee in the long term.

  • Coffee People Treehugger Smooth, balanced medium roast that goes well with cream as well as black. A very simple recommendation for buying here - go straight to Amazon and get the 2-pack of 24 K-Cups each for $.48 per cup. It’s more expensive on the official site and anywhere else I looked.

  • Tully’s French Roast A bit of a controversial cup - a lot of people love it but a few really don’t. It’s a very high roast with a smoky taste and a long aftertaste. If you’re a member, it’s actually cheapest to buy this from the main Keurig site in the 80-cup size, coming in at $.49 per cup. Otherwise, Amazon sells a 2-pack of 24-cups for $25, coming in at just above $.50 per cup.

Any other recommendations on great K-Cups or good places to buy them?